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HRC Wasp

The HRC Wasp is an entry level JET style aircraft, modeled after an F/A-18 Hornet. If you’re looking to make a step up from a basic trainer – this is the airframe for you. It is a 3 channel aileron controlled airframe which means no rudder. It can be as tame and easy to fly […]

Green Sport


HRC Seven

The Seven is a rewarding project anyone can complete in an afternoon. With its beautiful scale appearance in the sky and the diverse range of flight envelopes, the Seven is the plane for anyone and everyone. Whether you are just getting into the hobby or are an experienced pilot, this is the scratch build that will turn heads at the flight line, this is the plane you can be proud to say you built, this is the HRC Seven.

The power kit for the Seven can be purchased here: Seven Power Kit


HRC Vulture

With it’s vintage styling, The HRC Vulture pays tribute to the golden age of RC flight but maintains the easy to build, easy to fly characteristics of a modern electric RC aircraft. With its 38.5 inch wingspan and weighing in at only 14.25 oz this “high float” aircraft is a easy, fun to build airframe for pilots of all skill levels.