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HRC CrawlerTrax Broken Bridge

Balance your rock crawling skill with the all new HRC Broken Bridge crawling obstacle. Specifically designed for 1/18 and 1/24 RC rock crawlers. 

While attempting this obstacle you will be faced with a narrow line that allows for a slim margin of error before you become victim to the bridges broken deck. The HRC broken bridge features a tilting (seesaw action) bridge deck that can be adjusted for two different skill levels. With some minor adjustments you can test your extreme skills or play pass the transmitter and let someone with less experience have a go at it.

Each HRC CrawlerTrax obstacle, come with multiple customizable features such as the option to add full color scale graphics and extra parts for different skill/crawler skill and build levels.


HRC Pro-Series Texan Power Kit

Everything* that you need to get your HRC Texan in the air.


The Hangar RC Pro-Series Texan

The Hangar Pro-Series T6-Texan is modeled after a North American T-6 Texan. The Texan (or Harvard whatever way you call it) is a vintage trainer warbird that is sure to turn heads at the flying field. With its scale appearance and scale flight characteristics it will have people asking “is that REALLY foamboard?”