HRC Seven

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The Seven is a rewarding project anyone can complete in an afternoon. With its beautiful scale appearance in the sky and the diverse range of flight envelopes, the Seven is the plane for anyone and everyone. Whether you are just getting into the hobby or are an experienced pilot, this is the scratch build that will turn heads at the flight line, this is the plane you can be proud to say you built, this is the HRC Seven.

The power kit for the Seven can be purchased here: Seven Power Kit

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LENGTH: 32.25 in (819.15 mm)
CENTER OF GRAVITY (CG): 2.85 in (72.5mm)
WING SPAN: 40.25 in (1022.35 mm)
DRY WEIGHT: 12.69 oz (360 g)
ALL UP WEIGHT (AUW): 16.75 oz (475 g)

Additional information

Weight 14.25 oz
Dimensions 29 × 13 × 3 in
Skin Options

Classic Yellow and Purple, Green Sport, Orange Sport, Red Sport, Skinless Kit (all kit, no skin), Yellow Sport

2 reviews for HRC Seven

  1. T106

    Built this at 50% such a fun plane cant wait to build it full scale.

  2. Matthew Allen

    I build at 50% version out of half scale foam using the plans before I received the full sized Kit. The little one flew fast and great but wasn’t the easiest to see. I used teh detailed Build video to aid me building the straight forward model. The full size one is big enough to have a presence. The thicker paper feels like it added durability. They had my favorite color Yellow-orange. The plane livery is smart looking and impactful, and more importantly it helps with orientation greatly. It was easy to use my existing FT Power pods, with a quick modification. There is plenty of room in the fuselage for batteries and other components. But be warned this plane flies so well you may think you can fly inverted… You better be good at it because before you know it, you will be trying some low inverted passes. It is a build I only regret not tackling sooner.

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